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  • Keep it up

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  • @ cottonos Like I said to the other guy, the golden state worries SUCKS!!!!!!The Knicks can easily defeat them!Go KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jean0987654321Jean098765432111 yıl önce
  • @ lamboman60 Golden state worriers SUCKS!The KINCKS can easily defeat them.GO KINCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jean0987654321Jean098765432111 yıl önce
  • @ Lebronmvp07 Don't mean to burst your bubble.Kobe is a more experieced player than LeBron,so why not.Btw,I like LeBron as well.

    Jean0987654321Jean098765432111 yıl önce
  • What's up with the volume ? Solid page, nice vids, but I gott have super dog hearing to hear the videos. What's up with that?

    superstarballsuperstarball11 yıl önce
  • look man be my friend

    24Lakersfan24Lakersfan11 yıl önce

    DrMusa TokmakDrMusa Tokmak11 yıl önce
  • whats with all these celtic videos? did u know there are other teams in the nba?

    NPC 5229641NPC 522964111 yıl önce
  • celtics rule

    bigtom0447bigtom044711 yıl önce
  • im going to the NBA!

    JazzySaxEJazzySaxE11 yıl önce
  • Come on, bring on basketball season..I can't wait for the new season to start..DEEEETROIIIIITTTTTTT BAAAAASKETBAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!! GO PISTONS!

    Bazinga00Bazinga0011 yıl önce
  • Lakers must own this upcoming season aswell as San Antonio. GO LAKERS AND SPURS!!. When is the next season startin?

    noel4140noel414011 yıl önce
  • wuts nba

  • please check my channel

    24Lakersfan24Lakersfan11 yıl önce
  • what's up

    Stephan LillyStephan Lilly11 yıl önce
  • NBA! Nuff said.

    dynamitejaydynamitejay11 yıl önce
  • ArtisResistance: Thank you for quoting Nine Inch Nails.

    danieljohnszdanieljohnsz11 yıl önce
  • hey exexex, the NBA does not suck..get a life please, since I doubt you have one. Heck, you waste your time visiting the NBA You Tube page even if you hate it. Oh well. BTW, about your pic, please cover your behind.

    Bazinga00Bazinga0011 yıl önce
  • please just stop pimping out Kobe, he is everything I despise about overpayed babies.

    WhoresOfTijuanaWhoresOfTijuana11 yıl önce
  • my page is da shit

    2hotallday2hotallday11 yıl önce
  • The nba rules

    DavidDavid11 yıl önce
  • kobe number 1

    onlymeonlyme11 yıl önce
  • kobe is the best ever in the whole world

    onlymeonlyme11 yıl önce
  • I cant wait for the game tonight.... this shit is awesome

    TraveensTraveens11 yıl önce
  • Don't hate me because I'm sexy.

    banthorsuglytanktopsbanthorsuglytanktops11 yıl önce
  • Give me Team USA hi-lites. Please.

    FAYMprodFAYMprod11 yıl önce
  • sup NBA i noe u not gone respond 2 dis comment doe

    2hotallday2hotallday11 yıl önce
  • Can A Thunder God Go Mad?

    banthorsuglytanktopsbanthorsuglytanktops11 yıl önce
  • hey

    John SteinbeckJohn Steinbeck11 yıl önce
  • Thor's butt ugly tank tops must Go!

    banthorsuglytanktopsbanthorsuglytanktops11 yıl önce
  • Post an update of the referee issues..Including Cuban's fines for criticizing questionable calls, uneven suspensions, Good old boy hiring practices....CLEAN UP MY FAVORATE GAME!!!! Oh yeah and #5 Celtic jersey's for everyone...

    AerocKAerocK11 yıl önce
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    ZHIIZHII11 yıl önce
  • You guys should add the highlights of Kobe's four 50 point games

    Umar SaeedUmar Saeed11 yıl önce
  • Next season will be the raptors who are on top!!!! Go Raptors. Heat, and Suns!!!! Go Bosh, Nash, Wade, and Shaq!!!!

    kingchesskingkingchessking11 yıl önce
  • Go Lakers!

    Rocky MaiviaRocky Maivia11 yıl önce
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    ZHIIZHII11 yıl önce
  • Cool channel!

    mvp39mvp3911 yıl önce
  • I play basketball in Italy. I love Bryant. See my channel!!!!!

    Vanni GalloVanni Gallo11 yıl önce
  • Hi,your videos are wonderful, how can you have them before the others?Bye

    Matteo NepiMatteo Nepi11 yıl önce

    Checco94Checco9411 yıl önce

    Braj PopBraj Pop11 yıl önce
  • that was a damn good home run... woooo weeeee

    ginnybootginnyboot11 yıl önce