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  • WELCOME TO THE ROYALTY FAMILY! DONT FORGET ᔕᑌᗷᔕᑕᖇIᗷE ᕼEᖇE! ➡ bit.ly/RoyaltyFamily.... WE LOVE YOU!!!!

    The Royalty FamilyThe Royalty Family5 gün önce
    • please I need it please

      Dominic McfarlandDominic Mcfarland2 gün önce
    • The Royalty Family think you bye love u

      Edith OvalleEdith Ovalle2 gün önce
    • The Royalty Family I want Apple Watch because I haven't have a watch yet.

      Ratanak RetRatanak Ret2 gün önce
    • I don't have a phone or anything to play with

      Brianna LaraBrianna Lara2 gün önce
    • I didnt get a iphone neither do the wacthes I hope so i will get the wacth☺

      FUNNY VIDSFUNNY VIDS2 gün önce
  • Because I see your all video

    song starsong star20 saniye önce
  • Apple watch

    Hruta Prabhu DessaiHruta Prabhu DessaiDakika önce
  • I want that watch because I am a big fan of this watches but I can't afford that much costly watches so I think if I win that will be dream come true for me....

    Mevada SonuMevada Sonu12 dakika önce
  • I love you .they are so cute

    Fidha AydeedFidha Aydeed13 dakika önce
  • plz because i can't afford this plzz

    Listicals _Listicals _15 dakika önce
  • I subscribed and turned on post notifications I deserve the apple watches because don’t have Apple Watch and I have really bad phone and I would really appreciate it if I won this thank you

    Austin HulleyAustin Hulley20 dakika önce
  • Your channel is awesome 😍

    Iva NimcevicIva Nimcevic22 dakika önce
  • I love you guys ,you are so cute family and i watch every single video,i would love the watch because im an ahlete and i dont have the money to afford one thank you for making so many happy videos

    JimmyHtvJimmyHtv23 dakika önce
  • I want that apple watch. Because i need a smart watch for my daily routine, i love sport and i love running. I think that apple watch will compatible with me :) Thanks before Royalty Family

    Alvin JulianAlvin Julian23 dakika önce
  • I want it because i dont have any apple things but i am a real apple fan

    Casper YeungCasper Yeung25 dakika önce
  • Because I watch your videos everyday

    Lucy GodboleLucy Godbole25 dakika önce
  • Hi Royalty Family my birthday is already passed and my Family didn't remember my birthday I wanted that you will choose me and you will send me that Apple watch and just you would give my birthday present but you didn't choose me I think and I was really sad that even my family didn't remember my birthday 😏😏😏😏😏😒

    Nazrin AlizadehNazrin Alizadeh26 dakika önce
  • i deserve the item because i support u guys and i don't have a watch

    Wai YanWai Yan27 dakika önce
  • i can afford a single headphone of any company please give it to me

    SUYASH MORESUYASH MORE27 dakika önce
  • Can i get a iphone Xr

    Cool_boyCool_boy27 dakika önce
  • Oh God I love your vids and Ive been a long fan and I really want to have something apple because i haven't have any apple at all since birth HAHAHA i really want to have it especially when it came from my favorite youtuberssssss

    Andrey SambeliAndrey Sambeli28 dakika önce
  • I want an iPad pro for me because I want to use it because I had never touch apple products in my life I want to touch it and use it

    Honey ModiHoney Modi29 dakika önce
  • I want the silver one

    craft ideacraft idea34 dakika önce
  • I deserve it. because I subscribe and turn on notifications also I liked your video !!

    Scooterboy 812Scooterboy 81234 dakika önce
  • I need it because i dont have watch and my birthday is coming....i never have apple items

    Abid Hanzalah Amir HusnaAbid Hanzalah Amir Husna35 dakika önce
  • I would be very happy to win a Apple Watch I love yalls videos ❤️ best family on TRvision

    Victoria EscVictoria Esc36 dakika önce
  • I want to give mu best friend a relly good birthday present he always give me good presents but i don’t hav that much money to give nice presents to him and this birthday I want to give him a really good present. He had always wanted a Apple Watch

    The TigerThe Tiger37 dakika önce
  • You have best🧣💥💥💥💥💥

    Dhruv Sagpariya RibdaDhruv Sagpariya Ribda37 dakika önce
  • I need one because I want one and my mum said I have to pay for it

    Logan BonacciLogan Bonacci40 dakika önce
  • I do not know why but I want it will be a great Christmas gift. You are a wonderful family.

    Vestislav GospodinovVestislav Gospodinov40 dakika önce
  • I love your vids and I want the watch cauz I am a apple fan and I want the watch please🤗🤗

    XinKng2323 YeahXinKng2323 Yeah41 dakika önce
  • I deserve the watch because I have iPhone and I really like watch so I can pair it to my phone

    Jane BelloJane Bello46 dakika önce
  • I want It because My watch Has broked and I need the New one But I dont want to Use my Parents Money, so I Wish I got the New Apple watch That is my Wish, wish Me luck (Im A Girl)

    Spartan WSSpartan WS47 dakika önce
  • i would like it in my hands because i have never had a apple thing in my house because my parents can not afford it love you so much wish i could live where you are to see you lot of love serena if i win i would choose the silver love ya : > )

    Serena lifetime toleafoaSerena lifetime toleafoa48 dakika önce
  • I think i will win this giweaway because I had supported you from the day you started this channel and i can only get the apple watches through giwe away like this bcos i don't have money to buy it. 🤗🤗

    Vishnu VichuVishnu Vichu51 dakika önce
  • The royalty family is the best family i want i watch from 1 year now this is giveaway time i deserve this i watch and i have iphone and airpods but i not have i watch because i deserve this giveaway 👍

    Aadam23 VapiwalaAadam23 Vapiwala53 dakika önce
  • i want the silver apple watch because i’m so broke and i always wanted an apple watch for soooooooooooo long omggggg i love your channel so much i hope i can win the prize 🖤🖤

    em tashyem tashy53 dakika önce
  • Beatuful Chanel 💙

    ツMataツMata53 dakika önce
  • I wish for the watch because I have been wanting one since the first one came out. I love your channel and think you guys are amazing, I would love to just get my hands on an Apple Watch for one sec ⌚️,,,,,,, so it would be amazing if I had one

    Julian OJulian O55 dakika önce
  • I want this beucase i don't have money for these ones. Btw you are the best and cutest family on this world ly❤️

    Iva ŠpionjakIva Špionjak59 dakika önce
  • Get silver so u r all different 😂

    Leah PollockLeah PollockSaatler önce
  • I think you should get the Max!

    Leah PollockLeah PollockSaatler önce
  • I would love a Apple Watch but if not it’s ok I just love your videos

    Ben PartlettBen PartlettSaatler önce
  • My family is struggling really bad right now and with my mental health on top of it we can’t afford special things like this. I wouldn’t keep it to myself. I will probably share it with my mum. Offer it to her and if she wants it, she can have it. (Watches annoy her so I will have to see) but it would be amazing with all of our problems right now.

    Leah PollockLeah PollockSaatler önce
  • I want the iphone xs i need a new mobilephone

    Nyima MNyima MSaatler önce
  • I wana gift it to my mamma 🥰

    Clint PereiraClint PereiraSaatler önce
  • i badly want the pink one :(

    Chloe ClaveriaChloe ClaveriaSaatler önce
  • I have never ever bought anything from the Apple store before!

    Leah PollockLeah PollockSaatler önce
  • i want iphone phone cause i have no phone in grade 8

    tofy segayletofy segayleSaatler önce
  • I would get - iPhone MacBook iMac Beats Speaker Apple Watch iPad AirPods Lots of chargers Cases A gift card with as much money as possible on it 😂 I would take advantage because I can’t afford it 😂

    Leah PollockLeah PollockSaatler önce
  • I like the watch and helpful for me because I want to give it to someone

    Salem AmerSalem AmerSaatler önce
  • You dont Evan know how to put on the Apple Watch and its iPhone x Max dont plus!

  • i want this apple watch because i need so much and i love you guys

    Ojhani HerreraOjhani HerreraSaatler önce
  • I'm watching ur videos since 2016 june I love ur kid so so much that I can't express n that alex too I'm too a youtuber