Cooking is really fun if you know smart ways to do it! This time I wanna help you make cooking fun!
Let's start with some potato chips hacks. Did you know you could start a fire with chips in case of emergency cold weather?
If you don't want to get dirty salty hands and want to get that last chip still, just take your scissors and cut an edge of the chips' bag. Or you can use chopsticks!
If you don't want to spill your coffee just take Springles' cap and cover the coffee cup with it!
Don't forget to check how to make giant chip you can eat for the whole month!
It sounds funny but most people don't know how to eat certain food properly! No worries, I'll tell you how:
When you open a Cola can, turn little opener towards you, this small hole inside is specially made for sticking your straw comfortably!
Fold pizza slice in half so nothing would fall off.
Hold a wine glass by the stem, not by the bowl!
If you want to store cut apples in a plastic bag you should suck out oxygen with a straw!
Tear a sugar packet in the center not on the side.
If you wanna cut a baguette correctly, turn it upside down.
Stir sugar in the cup to and fro, not in the circular movements.
And if you wanna pour milk to cereal bowl, don't pour it directly to the bowl, pour it on the spoon!

2:20 That's how!
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