Easy Snake Trap - Fantastic Snake Trap Technology make from plastic bottle

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Easy Snake Trap - Fantastic Snake Trap Technology make from plastic bottle


  • Bueno well algunas serpientes son buenas unas no tanto snakes are so good and others not ate mouse is very necesary or no ojalá se terminen los ratones las serpientes lo que si es que afectan nuestros cultivos también and el veneno es letal pero más allá de eso estén de acuerdo o no more traps is necesary become for human Safety

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  • I love snake

  • Good Try 😊

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  • Are you stupid . If that black mobs bite you you have had a bad day . If you play with fire you will get burn and if you play with snakes you will get bite. Keep on playing with and you will soon get bite .

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  • nicely done :)

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  • Vldeo

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  • It's very dangerous

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  • best movie so far

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  • Fantastic tip like your tip friend

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  • por que fazer isso com a coitada?????

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  • Which snake?

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  • Is this poisonous or not

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  • it works :)

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  • Bahut badhiya.......owsm

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  • A very good vdo

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  • Video is good bt don't play with snake

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Easy Snake Trap - Fantastic Snake Trap Technology make from plastic bottle