Don't Choose the Wrong Shampoo Slime Challenge!!!

Don't choose the wrong shampoo, or your slime will be spoiled!!! We are sensing which mystery shampoo bottle has the best ingredients for our slime! With a bit of luck, this slime challenge can turn out amazing! Vote now who did the better slime :)
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  • What Ronald what I do not understand... Jk I am death jk

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  • the winner is to me hashtag gold glitter into gold slime

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  • Karina's slime looked like a Mermaid before she mixed it

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  • dude you so funny ronald

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  • And I think it's a tie good job sis vs bro!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😋😋😛😛

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  • dude karina i love your slime your's to ronald

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  • what grade is karina in and what grade is ronald in

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  • Karina kind of the same slime ingredients as last time in the other video of the shampoo bottles slime challenge

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  • Ronald won

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  • Dude I loved Karina’s shirt cuz I LOVE Harry Potter dude where did u get it (I’m a slytherin

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Don't Choose the Wrong Shampoo Slime Challenge!!!