Audi A8 vs BMW 7 Series | What's the best luxury saloon to drive? | Autocar

When it comes to luxury saloons, BMW's 7 Series has long been regarded as 'the ultimate driving machine', as the slogan goes. Can the all-new 2018 Audi A8 knock it off top spot as the best driver's car in the class? Matt Prior and Dan Prosser take the luxo-barges to one of Autocar's favourite Welsh B-roads to find out. Subscribe now:
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  • BMW BIG 💩💩💩😂

    tomas kazkokstomas kazkoksSaatler önce
  • Audi best

    tomas kazkokstomas kazkoksSaatler önce
  • I owned the three brands, Audi Mercedes and BMW, Audi and Mercedes are really far superior in every way to BMW but BMW spend a lot more money on marketing, which is reflected on these two unqualified reviewers, I still switch between, Audi and Mercedes but will never buy BMW again because the amount of troubles I had, you have to slow on corner when it is wet, the car is not comfortable, road noise is too high relative to compatitors, I really hate BMW because I was coned by biased reporters when I bough my first BMW thinking I am getting a better car than Audi or Mercedes I could not even sell the car easily I sold it in Auction at the end.

    A khaleelA khaleel2 gün önce
  • Virat Kohli at 1:54

    rounak73rounak739 gün önce
  • My god that Matt Prior is one boring bastard to watch and listen too!

  • Base spec Audi and a high spec bmw , what a "fair" review.

    Kristóf KissKristóf Kiss21 gün önce
  • 1:53 king kohli 😍

    Mihir Pratap SahMihir Pratap Sah21 gün önce
  • What’s funny is that,the guy who was driving the a8 was talking all the bad things about it only,and the guy on the bmw was talking good things about it only,it was very biased!!!!!

    Thabelo dzivhaniThabelo dzivhani28 gün önce
  • Bmw

    Many CypyMany Cypy29 gün önce
  • Both inferior to S class sooooooooo

    Shaan RathodShaan Rathod29 gün önce
  • Bmw cars still ride better then Mercedes and Audi

    vsboy 25vsboy 2529 gün önce
  • Virat kohli @ 1: 55!!

    Rishabh RajvanshRishabh RajvanshAylar önce
  • Audi

    H.A VIDEOH.A VIDEOAylar önce
  • Back in the day, reviews were done by field experts and people who knew what they were talking about. Nowadays, thanks to wikipedia, a big ego and a sponsor, any Vlogger is now an “expert” What a joke....

    adilonline82adilonline82Aylar önce
  • 7 series is best car

    sujain khansujain khanAylar önce
  • BMW 7 series vs vw passat on steroids lmao.

    fu 93fu 93Aylar önce
  • Sorry, The A8 basher moment is at 1:17 to be exact. My inattention to detail and inaccuracy means I should expect a call from Autocar any day soon.

    Chris CoyleChris CoyleAylar önce
  • The "A8 basher" seen on the bmw's infotainment display at about 2 mins tells you all you need to know about these pricks' pre-meditated conclusions. Utter drivel and predictably biased.

    Chris CoyleChris CoyleAylar önce
  • That Audi interior is creaking and squeaking like crazy. Something you expect from a 90's Nissan perhaps...not from a contempory luxury saloon.

    NonbelieverificationNonbelieverificationAylar önce
  • Audi looks classier

    colt 45colt 45Aylar önce
  • Audi is far much better than Bmw/Old Cow 😂

    Ibrahim HafeezIbrahim HafeezAylar önce
  • i like 2of them 👍

    Rakesh KumarRakesh KumarAylar önce
  • A8 every time

    cartmann227cartmann227Aylar önce
  • The front of the A8 looks like a 2005 model year.

    wave runnerwave runnerAylar önce
  • I see in the comments all the audi fan boys crying bias.. bottom line is the 18 7 series is far more superior in all aspects then the heavy boat anchor 18 A8.. cheers!

  • Audi has dropped the ball on that front facia it is hideously overly gapped. Two touch screens!? so now I have to look at and for everything where is the luxury in that?. I currently own a 09 A8 which I still like a lot, when I'm ready to rid of her it wont be this A8. Not spending that type of money for something I can barely look at and have to deal with a finger print factory on the inside. Audi pick up the design pen and put down the tablet on the next go round...please.

    Live JonesLive JonesAylar önce
  • I have watched hundreds and hundreds of car review videos over the past 15 years and I have never seen camera placement as satisfying as the ones that are presented inside these two luxury vehicles. I get such a sense of the true ambiance and all-encompassing inclusion from the well thought out placement of these cameras, I feel like I know what it's like to ride inside each of these two vehicles. Thank you, and please, continue to do so. Subscribed.

    YourGodsIconYourGodsIconAylar önce
  • It's one of the worst car channel

    Vikas KumarVikas KumarAylar önce
  • You forgot to add in the title... SPONSORED by BMW

    J RJ RAylar önce
  • That touchscreen would get on my tits

    lee nevinlee nevinAylar önce

    Mean VeckorMean VeckorAylar önce
  • I’ve driven the 50TDI in the new A6 and the transmission is horribly slow and jerky when downshifting. Also the V6 has noticeable turbo lag and is lacking below 2000rpm. It’s Avery disappointing powertrain for a luxury car...

    myvolvoforlifemyvolvoforlifeAylar önce
  • That grill from the Audi is almost identical to Hyundai's

    Thanh TrinhThanh TrinhAylar önce
  • Bias

    Sir. ProctorSir. ProctorAylar önce
  • BMW drives better

    SeniorLebSeniorLebAylar önce
  • I would buy 3 series and 5 series hads down But in that class .... As bmw fan as I am ... S class IS THE CLASS

    Stefan ConstantinescuStefan ConstantinescuAylar önce
  • Being a user for Bmw 530 d and Audi A6 at same my favourite is always 530

    shahnwaz khanshahnwaz khanAylar önce
  • Can’t wait until the new S8 comes out. It’s gonna blow the doors off the Bimmer.

    Breaking CyclesBreaking CyclesAylar önce
  • If you want do *drive* a luxury BMW ... get the 8 series. It is fantastic.

    Aigars MahinovsAigars MahinovsAylar önce
  • Audi is the best!!only autocar says bmw is the best rest of all says Audi!! how can you compare topend bmw to a base Audi? there is adaptive dampers for Audi which is the best suspension system in the class!!

    Govind ShankarGovind ShankarAylar önce
  • I actually like the interior of the 7 Series more. It has the same quality as the A8 but it looks classier and more plush. And all the controls are more user friendly, the A8 just isn't that intuitive to use.

    Emad AhmedEmad AhmedAylar önce
  • Perfect. Thank you.

    Marco AurélioMarco AurélioAylar önce
  • BMW forever

    Tlhogi LeshabaneTlhogi LeshabaneAylar önce
  • All know that 2 boys hate Audis****

    BEASTBEASTAylar önce
  • Best driving car on the class is the Jaguar XJ

    emil klotzemil klotzAylar önce
  • I've been drivin around in all three cars to work. And I must say, S class is really great, but there are a lot of cheap plastic in the back and for such an expensive car, It shouldn't have that. The Audi A8, is great I love VW group cars, but to me it feels a lot like premium VW sedans (arteon). It has some really cool tech and it is really smooth to be drivin in. But it still has a little bit of cheapness to it. The BMW is great, the quality is just on point it's so smooth, and the gear shifts are in another league. Tho' it got some plastic, it don't feel as cheap for some reason, I don't know if they use some other materiels or not. BMW cars, just has something special to them. - I am a previous owner of the Audi, VW group cars. But I am now an owner of a BMW, just to be clear and honest.

    Svt TripsSvt TripsAylar önce
  • Obviously auto car has been paid by BMW? I’ve driven both these cars and I can Audi is more sophisticated than bmw in every way.

    Din Mk PhotographyDin Mk PhotographyAylar önce
  • Luxury does not automatically mean touch screens and crap.

    Empire AussieEmpire AussieAylar önce
  • I don’t like the way the new A8 looks, I thought the last gen was better looking inside & out, and I really don’t like how Audi went to touchscreen only and got rid of the MMI controller.

    sonnyblack0870sonnyblack0870Aylar önce
  • It's a natural thing for the BMW to drive much better than an Audi. And the new line of BMWs easily beat everything from both Mercedes and Audi, from 1-series to M-cars to the limousines.

    Real MReal MAylar önce
Audi A8 vs BMW 7 Series | What's the best luxury saloon to drive? | Autocar