Alice Pretend play selling plastic ice cream in your toy store !

In this video- Alice Pretend play selling plastic ice cream in your toy store
Dad pretending to play to sell your toys ice cream in a beautiful hat seller! Alice came to her father's shop. Alice wants to buy some ice cream. First, strawberry ice cream. Then Alice wanted vanilla ice cream. Third ice cream banana. The seller's dad warns Alice. Alice can freeze from a lot of ice cream. But Alice did not listen to the seller of ice cream and bought a banana ice cream. The seller was right and Alice was cold. The seller's father ran outside and covered Alice with a blanket and gave her warm tea. Dad saved Alice from the ice.
In the second video Alice came to the cafe to eat! The cafe has a huge selection of delicious dishes. Alice chose the most delicious dish.
In the third video: Alice is looking for bunnies near her house. Bunnies are colored and very funny with a surprise.


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Alice Pretend play selling plastic ice cream in your toy store !