1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 Restoration Project

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1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 Restoration Project
Are you ready to go back in time? Time to cue up some Huey Lewis and the News because this vintage 4x4 is ready to take you back to the year 1986. Rebuilt to near-original specs, and outfitted with a few upgrades for our client in Austin, Texas, this rig is ready to redefine the daily drive.
1980s Design
This is the kind of truck that probably topped Marty McFly’s wish list the year after he “came back from the future.” It’s got that badass rugged look with those retro side stripes, and plenty of heavy rubber and chrome to go around. And to top it off, we outfitted this 80s dream rig with upgraded exterior lighting and gave it a fresh coat of Olive paint.
Inner Mischief
Don’t be fooled by this Land Cruiser’s friendly face. The FJ62 was built in the same spirit of the original Land Cruiser - built to own any road. First, we rebuilt the original 3F engine, using OEM parts. The suspension was upgraded to Old Man Emu and this FJ62's four-wheel drive components were rebuilt to mud-splashing, water forging, rock crawling perfection. So get strapped in - it’s going to be a fun ride.
Elevated Comfort
This Land Cruiser's cabin is comfortable and spacious with plenty of extra headroom. Seating is trimmed in durable, hand-stitched vinyl and the rear seats fold down to make way for extra cargo. Look up to take a quick glance at the altimeter and outside temperature. Then, flip the switch to open the power sunroof and let some fresh air in. Ready for some entertainment? Connect your iPhone® to the Bluetooth®-ready receiver, and let the upgraded digital sound system take your breath away.
Interested in creating your own version of Toyota's first luxury SUV? Contact FJ Company, and they will work with you to build your dream ride. For general pricing inquiries, please read FJ Company's FAQ www.fj.co/faq
★ Full, frame-off restoration
★ High roof model
★ Original power sunroof
★ Olive (653) paint
★ Custom body stripe decals
★ Rebuilt original Toyota 3F engine
★ Rebuilt 4-speed automatic transmission
★ Selectable 4WD
★ Manually locking front hubs
★ Toyota steel wheels
★ 31” BFGoodrich® All-Terrain tires
★ Old Man Emu suspension
★ LED headlights
★ Retro fog lights
★ Chrome exterior accents
★ RAPTOR® liner
★ Ventilated front disc brakes
★ Rear drum brakes
★ Power Steering
★ Height-adjustable steering wheel
★ Brown vinyl upholstery
★ Dark brown floor mats
★ Electronic ignition
★ Restored original Toyota A/C
★ Outside temperature monitor / altimeter
★ Premium Sound System
★ Bluetooth® and iPhone® connectivity
Built By:
FJ Company
HQ, Showroom & Service Center
7230 NW Miami Ct, Unit 2
Miami, FL 33150
(305) 676-8714
Showroom & Service Center
465 N. Mill St.
Aspen, CO 81611
(970) 300-3320
Showroom & Service Center
5454 Maple Ave
Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 273-4798
This video purpose is to tell world about amazing car build project and to inspire ever growing car builder community around the world. So if you're inspired in building your own car and want to learn more about how to do it in best way, don't hesitate and read build source page so you can learn something new and if something is not clear you can always ask builder some questions about the build.


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1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 Restoration Project